Mudders in Arms – Training for the Tough Mudder Midlands

Event: Midlands Tough Mudder

When: Sunday 22nd May 2016

Who: Mudder’s in Arms

Here is a short video of them training!

The Team: Nakul Chauhan, Paven Singh, Suraj Patel, Raju Odedra, Jayan Patel, Jay Patel, Rishi Raja, Umesh Keshwala, Harshit Patel, Sachin Patel, Bharat Joshi

We spoke to Bharat Joshi about taking part in the Tough Mudder and the 7events campaign:

Do you want to say a few sentences about how the training is going?

Leading up to the Tough Mudder, training has been varied from strength training to bootcamp sessions and long-distance runs. Overall it has been very progressive, although bootcamp has been brutal and left me sweating buckets everytime. Training with the lads who are also taking part and being a part of 7Events has given us that extra boost which should power us through the Tough Mudder course.

Why you are supporting Nakul?

Having done some kind of fundraising for each of the past four years, it feels a lot more meaningful to raise funds for the Leicester Hospitals Charity and the Teenage Cancer Trust which have supported Nakul through hard times. Supporting the local charities involved with 7events is an added bonus, as I believe it is important to give back to the community.

Words of encouragement for the other participants in other events?

Keep going and don’t stop… That extra 5% effort makes a 100% difference!!