The Challenges and Events

Over the years we have had many programmes, challenges and events. These vary in their outcomes. Some are there to raise money for charities which are dear to us and our participants. Others are there to promote health, well-being and the arts. 

Our most recent aim is to raise awareness of the awful effects drinking and drugs can have on a community with a short film. To find out more visit

Past events include:

  • Snowdon Walk – health, wellbeing and confidence builder
  • Climbing Ben Nevis – health, wellbeing and confidence builder
  • Family Health and Wellbeing Festival – health and well being
  • Summer Raas and Garba – health, well being and the arts.
  • Soul Survivor – fundraiser
  • Boxing sessions  – health, wellbeing and confidence builder
  • Sports sessions — health, wellbeing, confidence builder and promoting and active lifestyle
  • Shraddha – afternoon of music – – health, wellbeing and positive minds
  • Afternoon Navratri Festival for the elderly – health, movement, well being and positive minds

As we continue, we will be looking to increase our programmes to work with partnership organisations and governing bodies.