7 reasons to support

Reason 1

Be Part of Something Bigger – Donating your time to support a good cause has a cumulative effect. However much you can contribute, you are part of something bigger that adds up to something that has a significant impact on improving people’s quality of life.

Reason 2

Social Benefits – As part of supporting 7events, you are part of a bigger community that in turn is helping an even bigger community. You’ll get to meet other like-minded people and build friendships whilst doing something you care about.

Reason 3

Improve Your Well Being – The act of helping others improves your own self esteem. By giving your valuable time to help others, you will gain a sense of inner satisfaction and in turn your health and wellbeing will benefit.

Reason 4

Set an Example – In today’s world, it is easy to forget the little things that matter that are important to a community. If you have children, teaching them the value of helping others and being grateful for what we have will have a lasting effect on their lives.

Reason 5

Challenge Yourself – You may think that you can’t do something or feel daunted by the thought. By helping you can challenge yourself and learn new skills whilst meeting new and like-minded people.

Reason 6

Give Something Back – Helping and supporting 7events is a way to give something back and support others. We are purchasing equipment for wards and organisations, which benefit the public e.g. a community defibrillators is accessible by the public and in an emergency where seconds count, this would be a lifesaver.

Reason 7

Have Fun – Most of all, by helping 7events, you will have fun! It’s not all serious and work. You will meet new people, do things that you like and be active.