I’m Jit and I’m an alcoholic

Drinking. Drugs. Addiction.

They’re all scary things that make lives difficult. As kids we’re told we should stay away from them. And as adults we begin to understand the dangers of too much and make sure we’re looking after ourselves.

But, for some people, it becomes a way of life and because they’re taught that its bad, they hide it. And slowly it consumes them, they become 2 people, the one you see and the one they’re desperately trying to hide.

So, what happens when Addiction takes over you or someone you know?

Our documentary based on a real life story uncovers the truth. Take a look at our extended trailer:

Where can I view the documentary?

We are having a number of zoom and face to face screenings (with Q&A’s) over the next 6 months – from October 2021 to March 2022. We have found that the questions and answers session is important in the conversation around addiction, breaking the taboo and stigma so want to encourage more people to attend and help smash these issues.

Once these community engagement sessions are complete, the video will then be made available publicly via YouTube.

When are the screenings?

As part of the ongoing process of working to set up a culturally sensitive recovery service, we have our next film screening and includes a discussion with the community on issues around addiction. They are at:

  • Wesley Hall Community Centre, 76 Hartington Rd, Leicester, LE2 4DN (Sat 23rd Sept (4pm – 6pm)

If you would like to put on a screening at your temple, community centre, education establishment or for your group contact us by emailing ImJit@7events.org

Where can I get help?

If you’re looking for help and support for yourself or someone you know who may need help, there are many public services you can contact. Take a look below:

For further information you can contact us by email at imjit@7events.org

Other information

We want to thank the following people who took part in the documentary:


There is an official Press Release available online.

We have also been out giving media interviews and promoting the film. Take a look:

BBC News story from our screening at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurudwara, Leicester.

The documentary was funded by:

Film recognition

What happens now?

The Film – I’m Jit and I’m an alcoholic

We are planning to continue with doing further screenings in the community, places of worship and centres. We are also looking to take the film into the education setting as part of social health studies and addiction awareness from the point of view of lived experience. This is very valuable in being able to hear a perspective of someone you can associate with.

Recovery Service

As part of ongoing work, we found from feedback at the film screenings, that a lot of people didn’t know where to go or find a place of help which they could associate with, understand their culture and faith, and tailored to them. This has led to the beginning of Free in Recovery; a peer-led, grassroots, culturally appropriate/sensitive service.

It is there to benefit all sections of the community from an ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds (members of the BAME communities) with culturally sensitive and appropriate drug and alcohol recovery support.

Soon to register as a CIC we are working closely with Bac-In who deliver addiction recovery and rehabilitation services and specialise in supporting people from Black, South Asian and Minoritised Communities and who have worked in this are for over 20 years.

We are also part of CLERO (College of Lived Experience Recovery Organisations) who are a group of recovery services in the UK with the focus on Lived Experience.