I’m Jit Press Release

Drink, drugs, addiction and the South Asian Community

Local Leicester CIC, 7events launches a campaign based on a real life story to raise awareness about addiction, drinking and drugs and the stigma that surrounds it in the South Asian Community.

Founder of 7events, Jit Chauhan has stepped up to tell us the truth about his history in a 40 minute documentary entitled ‘I’m Jit and I’m an alcoholic’.

The film was shared at a private screening on 23rd September, the day after Jit’s 7th anniversary of sobriety and as part of Leicester Recovery Week and officially launched on 13th October with lots of viewers signing in to watch the powerful, heartfelt film.

In the short film created by Jit and local videographer Derek Roberts, Jit describes his own issues with addiction, the devastating impact that this life had on his family and friends and what he did to work through his addiction and turn his life around.

Jit takes a step back to discuss how his drinking and drug addiction consumed him, how one drink was never enough and how his family went through sleepless nights – looking after him, worrying about him for years while he was drinking or didn’t come home at night.

Jit talks to his mum and his friends about how they felt whilst Jit was going through this horrendous time in his life. The conversations bring up emotions and feelings of how the addiction had pushed Jit to his breaking point, questioning his own life and making people around him feel helpless.

He goes on to talk about reaching out to Umzy Patel for help and being introduced to Jit Joshi who trained him to care about his body through fitness training. Rendall Munroe (Boxer) explains how exercise helps young people with their physical and mental wellbeing and keeps them away from getting involved with drinking and drugs.

The purpose of the film is to raise awareness of addiction in the South Asian Community, provide information for addicts to recover and for their families to get help and support so no other family goes through what Jit’s family were forced to live through.

The film aims to break the taboo and stigma associated with drinking and drugs in the community by highlighting Jit’s story and the story of Aunee Bhogaita who have both recovered and are now living their lives to the fullest.

The documentary has already had some incredible feedback and the Q&A sessions really hit home about why this is an issue that needs to be discussed more.

There are more viewings planned over Zoom and in person, the dates can be seen on https://www.7events.org/imjit/ along with the zoom details for each event. Jit and the team plan to take this further by introducing the film temples and community centres in Leicester. With the aim of sharing a very personal story and forcing people to have conversations so the taboo and stigma around getting help for addiction is broken and people don’t fear getting help.

stigma around getting help for addiction is broken and people don’t fear getting help.To find out more about the film, when the screenings are and resources to get help, please visit https://www.7events.org/imjit/


Editors notes

Jit continues to volunteer his time to help the community in Leicester through 7events which launched in 2016 to help bring together the community and raise vital funds for the people of Leicester.

7events launched in 2016 and has raised awareness through events and funds for charities in Leicester including activities and events for children and adults, boxing with Rendall Munroe, Navratri in the afternoons at Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre for the elderly, raising money to purchase external defibrillators, and climbing Snowdon.

The film was funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and Abbey Belgrave and Rushey Mead Community Ward Funding

7events website: https://www.7events.org/

Contact: Jit Chauhan, Founder of 7events – ImJit@7events.org