Aussie Dating

11 Finest Backpage Alternatives Websites to Receive Stocked 2019 As one of the preferred sites for identified detailing around the globe, Backpage, a multilingual as well as extensively readily available web site along with a grown-up section included is actually now closed. online dating The problem was that individuals in different sexual activity job professions[…]

2 new defibs in Leicester thanks to the 7events team

After two years of fundraising events, on the 24th September 2018, the 7events team were really pleased to finally achieve one of its key goals, to install a defibrillator in St. Peter’s Centre, Oadby. This is the first one to be installed, with the second being purchased for Rushey Mead Recreation Centre in 2019. Alan[…]

Summer Raas Garba 2017

With the success of the first Summer Raas Garba in 2016 it makes sense to do another one in 2017. This year it promises to be even better, with better music, great songs and more time to play! So grab your bangles and your dancing gear – on the 1st July, in collaboration with the Maher[…]